Being Adventurous and Taking the Plunge in a Red Midi Dress

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Red is not a color that I wear very often. I've always felt that red just doesn't look quite right with my hair, and the two usually end up clashing. But this spring, I've been trying to be more adventurous with my wardrobe choices! So, when I found this Hunter Bell dress, I thought it was the perfect dress to begin easing into red: it has a print that's predominantly red without being overwhelming.

I'm SO glad that I expanded my color horizons with this dress, because I love it! The straps have tiny pom-poms on them that are so adorable (not to mention super on trend this season). Is everyone else seeing mass amounts of pom-poms everywhere?

My favorite part about this dress is how wonderfully flowy it is. It has just the right amount of draping to make you feel like ethereal royalty. It's perfect for dancing and twirling. This dress is ultra feminine and perfect to wander around the city in!

I also tried out some new sunglasses. These are totally different from what I usually wear, but like I said, I'm trying new things! These sunglasses are from and they are super affordable! The team at ilymix is offering 20% off your purchase with the code "Thorpe20", which makes these such a great deal! The pair I'm wearing are called "Double crossbar metal pantos aviators."

I'm so glad that I took the plunge on this red dress! How are you expanding your wardrobe choices this spring?