Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask (Review)

Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask

Garnier Moisture Bomb Glow Mask

Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask

Garnier Moisture Bomb Mattifying

I talk a lot about skincare, and while I think that sunscreen is the most important step in any skincare routine, my favorite skincare item, hands down, is a mask. I have been known to have "more masks than any one person could need," (not my words 🙄) and always use them fully. Going to annoying lengths to achieve brighter, dewier, and more even skin is something like a ritual to me, and I love it.

About 5 years ago I discovered sheet masks. The convenience of slapping on a sheet mask (drenched in skincare goodness) threatened to unhinge my entire indulgent masking ritual. I picked up a few just to try them, and was instantly hooked, and they have become a staple of my skincare and masking rotation since. To be completely honest, I get nervous when I don't have some on hand, and try to maintain a stockpile of at least 4 (you know, in case of an EMERGENCY).

I've found plenty of ways to make sheet masks feel like an indulgent ritual in the same way as my regular masks. Put one on, get in the bath tub, and feel like royalty? Yeah, I do that one all the time. Throw one on and then come out and terrify my dog, because somehow I smell the same, but look like some sort of skinless monster? Yeah, I do that too. 🤷‍♀️ Sheet masks have actually become my favorite type of mask (tied with sleeping masks), but my biggest annoyance with them is price.

Some of my favorite sheet masks are by Dr. Jart+ and they range in price from $6-12. These were the sheet masks that stole my heart and there are plenty out there that are much pricier, (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, SK-II, AND ONE DAY I'LL HAVE YOU). I wanted a more affordable option for when I just didn't want to shell out $40 a month for my masking habit.

I started testing drugstore sheet masks, and ended up way more disappointed than I expected. It also forced me to admit that I am a total sheet mask snob. The worst ones that I tested were by Say Yes To. The serum in these masks were way too watery and ran into my eyes, mouth, and nose, and a different one burned my skin. I finally came across the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks, and 🙌 these are it.

These masks are by far the best drugstore alternative to high end sheet masks. The serum on the mask is thick and not watery, and its drenched in it, so you can leave this mask on for the entirety of your bath. They have been Scout tested and are officially terrifying, and are perfect for your #SkincareSelfie. They come in three formulations: The Super Hydrating Mask, The Super Hydrating Mask Mattifying, and The Super Hydrating Mask Glow-Boosting. My personal favorite is the Super Hydrating Mask Glow-Boosting, which leaves my skin dewy, glowy, and super soft. My one issue with these masks is that the eye holes are too close together. A strange issue to have, but on a sheet mask that tiny annoyance can be such a pain. I find myself having to adjust these much more than I would with my cherished Dr. Jart+ masks, but at $2.50 its a noticeably small price.

I'm so glad that there is finally a great drugstore sheet mask option available so now I can mask as much as I want guilt free. Have you tried these yet? What's your favorite mask? I would love to hear your recommendations, let me know in the comments!